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PostPosted: Wed Feb 15, 2012 2:32 am 
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About Equalize
We are a considerable sized guild with many members and alts.
We consider ourselves as a semi-hardcore guild after firelands hit (Patch 4.2)

As of now, our raiding foucses on 10-man raiding, with currently two groups. Other than that, we have an awesome selection of social members, PvPers and raiders.
(Social members have no say in whats happening and when, they're just friends of some raider or others.)

What do we expect from you?
We are currently in need of ACTIVE and SKILLED people. We expect you to have knowledge about your class and know how to operate in a raid with other people, synergy is key.
In addition to that, gear is somewhat required, but it isn't all that important, but having the latest tier content of gear is a pluss in every way.
If you can't offer us what your class is supposed to, don't bother applying.

What can we offer you?
First of all, we have a core of people that are fun, good, and generaly friendly. Our guild is lvl25 and we have all the guildperks you want. There are mostly people online at all times considering our large playerbase.

In addition to that, we are a guild pushing ourselfs towards endgame raiding, not only for the gear, but for the progression and other competition we can come across. We want to challenge ourselves and push the latest heroic content available.

When is our raiding scedule?
MONDAY: 20:00-23:00
WEDNESDAY: 20:00-23:00 (G1 only)
THURSDAY: 20:00-23:00 (G2 only)
SUNDAY: 20:00-23:00

So, within that time-frame, we expect our newfound trials to show up, if you have any trouble showing up that might conflict within that time-frame, please contact us with a mail ingame telling us that you might be late for that spesific day, or that you might not come at all. We do not want, or need spesifics about why, as long as we know you aren't able to attend.

As you all know, you have to have a certain attendance and skillratio to pass the trial period. The period in which you are a trial, might be various considering your skillset compared to any other member. We don't have any timeframe as of how long you might be a trial. Just be patient, and show up; and you've got a good possibility to become a raider.

You may not require or ask for any items within our guildbank during the trial period. Which means no gold, no epics, no potions, as we expect you to have enough gold to last through wipes in raids.
However, you can purchase items for a reasonal amount compared to AH prices.

As expected of our trials, skill and attendance is key. Our members have a certain ammount of items/potions/flasks/etc they can get from our guildbank. However, if you take anything without giving a notice to our GM or any of the officers, you will be kicked as soon as we notice. Raiders also have a total ammount of 400g a day to repair with. Use them at your own disposal.


We will most probably only accept appliances from persons whom are atleast 17+ of age. However, if you think you are mentally old enough for joining, try, and we'll see.


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